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How spanking feels to a child

Across my postings across various forums, I came across this video. It shows some drawings and some quotes taken directly from kids themselves, who were ask how it feels to them when their parents are spanking them : Advertisements

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The root of violence

This small video from Alice Miller explains, in 12 clear points, why it is so important to change paradigm and to raise our children without the use of corporal punishments.  Invaluable in order to understand on the society level the … Continue reading

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Punitive Damages

PUNITIVE DAMAGES This is an extract from chapter 4 from Unconditional Parenting, explaining the effects of punishment on children: PUNITIVE DAMAGES By Alfie Kohn – Unconditional Parenting, Chapter 4 Punishment . . . control . . . authoritarian parenting . … Continue reading

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How Children Really React to Control

How Children Really React to Control by Thomas Gordon, Ph.D. When one person tries to control another, you can always expect some kind of reaction from the controllee. The use of power involves two people in a special kind of … Continue reading

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Unconditional Parenting

Unconditional Parenting offers parents one of the most complete research results on the effect of punishments and on the importance of unconditional love in the parent-child relationship.  To understand better what this book is all about, here are some interesting … Continue reading

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