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  1. Roxane Rivas says:

    I have a 4mths old daughter and was wondering if there are any workshops or courses for parenting. I am soooo afraid to screw this up!! I feel that if I start learning how to be a good mother early enough, I can prevent becoming too much like my mother…. I have so many questions and worries.

    Thank you


    • Hello Roxanne,
      It is true that in up to 70% of cases, we transmit the way we were parented to our children. On the other hand, the very fact that you are worried about this is your best chance not to do this.
      If you live in Montreal, I offer some parenting workshops, and I know of a few places where you can go for this. If this is the case, let me know and I’ll give you further information.
      If you are in Canada, you could find about parenting workshop here:
      They have an excellent parenting workshop inventory called “Making choices”. Note that I do not condone all of the workshops there – some are not oriented toward attachment parenting, the focus we have on this website. At some point I’ll have to write an article on which workshops are recommended for attachment parenting and which will disrupt the parent-child relationship.
      Finally, if you have more specific questions and worries, you can email me at parentastic at gmail dot org.

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