This section of Parentastic’s web portal contains a wide selection of articles, tips and advices related to parenting.

First, the various parenting styles are described.  Parenting styles are very important because they allow us to understand and compare how we were parented ourselves, and reflect upon how we are in turn parenting our children.  In this section, we present how scientific research in developmental psychology has identified 4 criteria to evaluate parenting style, and how these lead to the formation of three major parenting styles.

In the second section, we are now presenting Parentastic’s parenting philosophy.  Using the various definitions of parenting style seen in the previous section, we will show why attachment parenting and democratic parenting are the choices endorsed by Parentastic, and why.

Finally, the third section will regroup a series of tips and advices, all based on our parenting philosophy, sorted within many various categories and keywords.  Readers are encouraged to use the tag cloud on the right to go straight to topics of specific interest; the list of parenting advices in this section is provided to help the reader have an overview at a glance of the content of the parenting section.

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