Developmental psychology

The term “developmental psychology” can be defined as:

the scientific study of age-related changes in our body, behaviour, thinking, emotions, social relationships and personalities (Boyd, Bee & Johnson, 2009)

In this section, you will find four main chapters:

  • A list of key concepts in developmental psychology. These concepts will help you better understand the rest of the articles and material in this section.
  • A lifespan perspective, describes the developmental stages a child must go through in order to grow and become an adult.  This section uses a chronological approach and refers back to the key concepts listed previously. Find your child’s age in this section to understand what he can or can’t do, how he can best learn and thrive, what he needs, and how he thinks.
  • A description of the various school of thoughts one can find in developmental psychology,
  • A chronological history of the great thinkers and the discoveries they made in the field of developmental psychology across time.